Friday, October 21, 2016

Shocking: new WikiLeaks emails reveal many Trump supporters paid by Clinton

In a shocking turn of events, emails between top Clinton campaign officials released by WikiLeaks today show that the Clinton campaign has been paying large numbers of people to go to Donald Trump's rallies. The paid rally attendees were told to be as belligerent and intolerant as they could, in order to make Trump's support look deplorable. They were even told to punch anyone looking like they weren't "crazy enough" to fit the image Clinton wanted of "Trump supporters".

They were also identified to news organizations so that the media coverage of Trump supporters was almost entirely made up of Clinton plants. "They had us all set up and ready to go with the full line of reporters," Rick Ashton, a Pennsylvania actor who took money to appear at a rally, told us. "I told CNN that there was nothing Trump could do to lose my vote, can you imagine any sane person saying such a thing?"

"What really surprised me at first, was that Clinton expected Trump to be able to get through the primary," Chevy Carlin, a former plant at an Ohio primary rally, reminisced. "I wondered, 'well what about the other 50 or whatever candidates,' but Clinton just has incredible foresight. She knew Trump would win the primary, even with all the bad press we were getting him. I just wish I knew how she knew."

While this comes as less of a shock than it would have if not for previous leaks revealing that most pro Trump YouTube comments are made by a team of bots maintained by Clinton staffers, some revelations of this latest leak are just too insidious to believe. Perhaps the most shocking of all is that Donald Trump was paid millions of dollars by the Clinton campaign to tell his supporters at one rally to punch anyone looking like they were going to throw tomatoes at him. He confirmed to us in a 3:17 AM tweet that this was true. "I'm not a violent man by nature, and I don't like to incite violence, but I really needed the money to keep the lights on and pay the rent #BeingBrokeSux"

We still don't know how this will change the election, but 95% of responses in our online poll on the issue were bots run by Clinton staff to make Trump supporters look bad. Chat with them in the comments.

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